Facelift: Lifting and Volumizing

This patient had a lax neck, jowls and cheeks. A full facelift was most appropriate in this case.

Jowls got you down?! Or maybe it’s your neck. If you’re age 40 and up and you feel like your facial skin and/or neck is starting to sag, a facelift may be appropriate for you. I know what you’re thinking, “am I really considering a facelift?!”


Of course a facelift isn’t for everyone but for the right person, it’s a very powerful way to restore your youth without distorting your face and neck. With hidden incisions along the hairline in front of and behind the ears, a facelift (which can include a necklift) no longer has to give you that stretched appearance. In fact, there’s been a shift in the thinking when it comes to a facelift.


Whereas a facelift used to be all about stretching and pulling, it’s more about lifting and filling now. In the past, women wanted to look younger so their plastic surgeon stretched and pulled their face in an upward direction. But if you think about it, looking young isn’t due to a stretched or pulled appearance. A young face has volume and fat. So, plastic surgeons are now being trained to volumize the face with fat from the abdomen and reposition facial skin to where it used to be in a more natural way.


Gone are the days of the “wind tunnel” appearance. Women and men look younger with a facelift that adheres to the principles of youth – volume and smooth skin – not stretch lines. If you considering a facelift and want to schedule a consultation, check facelift pricing first by clicking here.



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