Glazed Donut Sandwich with Bacon and a Fried Egg

If you’ve been reading my blog over time, you’ll notice that aside from plastic surgery, I touch on topics related to health care in general and the economics of health care. Specifically, I’m interested in how to reduce the costs of medicine through free market forces to drive down costs, i.e., competition and price transparency. But for all of my philosophical contemplation (mental masturbation!), I keep being brought back to the realization that we as Americans have to “reign it in” a bit. What I mean is that we ultimately have to take some responsibility and recognize that we can’t destroy our bodies and expect the healthcare system to fix us at the last minute. While we may want it to work that way, it doesn’t. So what was my inspiration for this short, but I think no less important, post?


My inspiration for this post!

For the record, I’m not trying to give Dunkin Donuts a bad wrap. They’re in business to give their customers what they want. If we were in a health conscious society, that wouldn’t sell and they wouldn’t make it.


Enjoy your brunch on Sunday…and if you eat too much, don’t worry, just come in for some lipo!



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