Do’s and Don’ts before surgery

Surgery, whether it’s cosmetic or not, can be a big deal. You may be out of commission for a few days afterwards so it’s important to prepare before surgery. Here’s a list of suggestions to better ensure a successful, stress free recovery.


Top Do’s and Don’ts before Surgery

Due to pain or social downtime, you probably don’t want to go out of the house after surgery. So prepare ahead of time. If the issue is pain, have your doctor give you any prescriptions prior to surgery so you don’t have to stop at the pharmacy on your way home. Having to run errands is probably the last thing you want to do after leaving the hospital.


If you’re having a procedure with drainage, like liposuction, prepare for the car ride home. Be sure to bring towels or puppy pads to capture any fluid. The same can be done to protect your bed linens while sleeping. If there is drainage, this will probably stop 1-2 days after surgery.


If you think you’ll have trouble standing for long periods of time after surgery, get a stool for showers. Falling in a the shower while cleaning away sweat and grime after surgery would be a step back in your progress. So get a water resistant stool to sit on while showering.


Getting food delivery is one way to avoid cooking after surgery but that can get expensive. So consider grocery shopping ahead of time for microwave meals and bottles of your favorite thirst quencher. Staying well fed and hydrated is a recipe for healing.


Most importantly, especially that first night at home, make sure you have someone to stay with you. Maybe you won’t need them but if you’re up walking around that first night, you want to make sure someone is there is you lose balance. Also, you may need assistance simply getting out of bed. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.


Additionally, having someone there is a great safety measure if you have a complication and need help immediately.


And of course, don’t forget, these two things: nothing to eat or drink before surgery. and no smoking. Most doctors recommend no eating or drinking after midnight. If you smoke, prepare to hear a lecture on why you should quit at least two weeks before and after surgery for wound healing purposes. Good luck!



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