CoolSculpting: What will it take to look like this?!

Whenever I see new consultations for non-surgical body contouring with CoolSculpting, a very appropriate and natural question I get is, “how do I look like that patient in the photo?!” Below, I’ll show actual patients, their before and after results and how many treatment spots they received.


6 CoolSculpting Cycles



The patient above had the CoolCurve+ applicator applied to her flanks for 2 cycles on the right flank and 2 cycles on the left flank. Just to be clear, a cycle refers to a 1 hour treatment of one spot on the body by a CoolSculpting applicator. So in other words, the CoolCurve+ applicator was used to treat 4 spots on the patient’s flanks. Normally that would take 4 hours but since we have 2 machines working in tandem, treatment of 4 spots only takes 2 hours. Additionally, the patient above had 2 CoolFit applicators applied to the lower abdomen. So after it was all said and done, the patient had her flanks and lower abdomen treated to achieve the results above.


10 CoolSculpting Cycles



The patient above had multiple cycles to the upper and lower abdomen and extending around to the flanks. While 10 cycles sounds like a lot, it’s hard to argue with results like these! And these results are obtainable without surgery, anesthesia or postoperative garments…and in half the time with 2 machines!


4 CoolSculpting Cycles



With 4 cycles applied along the love handles as they extend from the front towards the back, this result above is accomplished in 2 hours.


Stay tuned to Friday’s blog post when we discuss CoolSculpting to the lower body. Hope that helps and if you want to know how much CoolSculpting costs from a plastic surgeon near you, click here.



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