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breast lift or implants

Do you have droopy breasts? Do you need a breast lift or implants? Maybe both? Keep reading to understand your options. And keep in mind, you don’t have to have implants…but you may want them!


Breast lift or implants?

When a patient has droop to their breasts, they know it because the nipple has dropped below the IMF or inframammary fold. This is the fold under the breast. Typically, a nipple areolar complex positioned at or above the IMF is in an aesthetically pleasing position.


If however, the nipple and surrounding areola have dropped below that fold, most would consider that to be droopy. By performing a “donut” lift or “lollipop” lift or “anchor” lift, excess skin is removed from the breast. This essentially tightens the skin envelope and lifts the breast. If you’re happy with the fullness of the breast at that point, you don’t need implants.


But if the correct position of the nipple leaves you wanting because the breasts still have a deflated appearance, then you can add implants to the mix. In this scenario, implants provide fullness and size, whereas the lift improves shape. Size without shape isn’t a good look. But shape without size may be totally appropriate.


Many women have a large amount of breast tissue, even if they’re drooping. So if there’s enough breast tissue, this will provide a full, perky appearance after the lift. No implant required.


You can check pricing for either procedure from a doctor near you, here.



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