Breast Augmentation Incision

breast augmentation incisionJust because you’ve decided to get a breast augmentation doesn’t mean the decision-making is over. Similar to how we discussed smooth vs textured implants here, there’s also the decision regarding where you want your breast augmentation incision to be.


If you need a lift at the same time, this post may not pertain to you. A breast augmentation along with a lift may require an incision all the way around the areola, the “lollipop” or the “anchor incision.” To learn more about a breast augmentation and lift along with those types of incisions, click here. For more on a straightforward breast augmentation incision, continue reading!


breast augmentation incision
Inframammary fold (IMF) incision

The standard and most common breast augmentation incision is the IMF or inframammary fold incision (as seen to the left). Just like it sounds, it’s an incision within that crease under the breast. This incision is well hidden especially when the breast naturally hangs over the incision. The risk that’s most unique to this type of incision is “bottoming out.” That’s when the inframammary fold isn’t very adherent to the chest wall and the breast implant can drop below the fold and have a double bubble as seen in this photo below.


breast augmentation incision
Bottoming out of an implant. Courtesy of


breast augmentation incision
Incision along the lower edge of the areola.

If you don’t like an incision below the breast, the other option is along the lower edge of the areola. Even though this incision is staring you right in the face, it is well camouflaged between the junction of the breast skin and the pigmented areola. You can see in this example to the right how well this is incision is hidden.


The biggest risk with this approach is that even though you prep the skin before surgery with betadine, there is still some bacteria potentially hiding in the ducts of the nipple. This bacteria can lead to infection of the implant or excessive scar tissue forming around the breast implant (capsular contracture).


transax breast aug before and afterWhile there is the possibility of having a breast augmentation through the navel or belly button, that usually requires a saline implant and since most patients want silicone implants these days, I’ll skip over that option and go to the “armpit” or transaxillary breast augmentation incision. This is a totally hidden incision which is great. However, there is a nerve in this area that can be stretched during surgery causing temporary or permanent loss of sensation to the inner portion of the arm. It’s not a huge problem even if it becomes numb, but you should now about that risk. This incision typically requires a smaller implant that can fit through the incision and down into the breast.


Hope that helps with your decision-making process. For pricing on breast augmentation from a doctor near you, click here.




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