Brazilian Butt Lift Cost

Chances are that if you’re reading this post, you’ve searched high and low for Brazilian butt lift cost but could never find an easy answer. You probably read something about how the doctor had to see you first etc. Well certainly the doctor needs to see you before scheduling surgery to confirm you’re a candidate but there’s nothing wrong with giving you this estimate below.


Brazilian Butt Lift Cost
Opaque circles covering identifying marks


Brazilian Butt Lift using Fat Injections


total md fees: $6550
total OR time: 4.0 hours
total OR/anesthesia cost: $2880
total implant costs: $0
total garment costs: $300
total cosmetic insurance costs:$300


total estimate: $10030



These are the costs associated with a Brazilian Butt Lift in my accredited in-office OR in San Francisco. Prices will vary across the country. To find the cost of this procedure from a plastic surgeon near you, click here.


Best of luck and I hope that helped.



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