Botox or Xeomin to the crow’s feet and under eye wrinkles

under eye wrinkles
Many know of the benefits of Botox/Xeomin for several facial areas like here, here and here. And while many consumers are familiar with treatment of the crow’s feet (the lines to the outside of the eyes), they’re not as familiar with the under eye wrinkles. Even if you’re young, these lines can show age even more than the 11’s or forehead wrinkles. But it’s important to treat the whole “aesthetic unit” and include both the crow’s feet and the under eye wrinkles.


Don’t forget the under eye wrinkles!

The orbicularis oculi muscles around the eyes are responsible for creating the crow’s feet. Those muscles are always active throughout life. But the crow’s feet start to show as the skin thins with age.


As the orbicularis wraps around the lower aspect of the eye, around the lower lids, this muscle can also cause under eye wrinkles. Often times, your doctor will inject and treat the crow’s feet but forget about the lines under the eyes. The concern is that if treating too much of the muscle with too much Botox/Xeomin, the patient will have trouble closing the eyes.


However, there are ways to relax these under eye wrinkles and avoid those pitfalls at the same time. First, just treat the outermost aspect of the under eye wrinkles. Next, use a very small amount of Botox/Xeomin (less than 5 units) and inject very superficially.


This will smooth out those wrinkles, complementing the smooth wrinkles where the crow’s fee used to be. To check pricing on this treatment from a doctor near you, click here.



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