Botox for Camels?

botox for camels
botox for camels

A couple years ago, I wrote this article about clickbait – the use of eye-grabbing titles to capture a reader’s attention but then directing them to an article that’s less interesting or totally unrelated. My article was entitled, “Trending: Zookeepers Performing Cosmetic Surgery on Zoo Animals?!” It was just a joke and intended to simulate clickbait. Well, this clickbait came true! Some camels were recently disqualified from a beauty contest for using Botox!


Botox for Camels: yes, that’s a thing

As you can see in here, here and here, several camels were recently disqualified from a beauty pageant in Saudi Arabia for using Botox. Let’s break this down.


Who knew there was such a thing as a beauty pageant for camels?! Not only is there a pageant, but it’s a month-long festival with 30,000 camels and 300,000 visitors!


When it comes to judging a camel’s attractiveness, pouty lips are a bonus. And according to these articles, Botox, which relaxes muscles in the face to reduce wrinkles, was used to make the lips more pouty.


Most conossieurs of cosmetic services will be a bit confused, as was I. When you think of cosmetic treatments to the lips, you think of making the lips fuller with fillers like Belotero, Juvederm and Restylane, not Botox. But Botox also has effect on the lips in humans.


Botox can also be used to relax the muscles around the lips to reduce the appearance of smoker’s lines. However, in the case of camels, what I can discern from these articles, is that relaxing the muscles around the camels lips makes them droop more, giving a pouty appearance.


So if you’re looking for a doctor near you to give your camel pouty lips, click here. Just kidding about the camel part but you can check pricing for a doctor near you by clicking here.




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