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What you can do while CoolSculpting!

coolsculptingNow that I’ve been offering CoolSculpting for the last several months, I’ve noticed something very funny. CoolSculpting patients take full advantage of their time while receiving treatment. Since it doesn’t hurt and requires laying in a comfortable exam table for at least an hour, patients can do pretty much anything to pass the time.


For one thing, they can watch TV during treatment and I’d say about 80% of the patients choose to watch Orange is the New Black on Netflix! The Office is a distant second. While watching TV, they’ll enjoy lunch that they brought with them.


If not TV, they’re watching or reading their iPad, catching up on their email or reading the news. But most recently, I realized the extent of CoolSculpting patient’s productivity. One patient that was receiving non-surgical fat reduction to the saddle bag (outer thighs) area took part in a work conference call!


And of course, this being San Francisco, we’ve even had patients catching up on a bit of coding for their day job. I’ve even performed Botox or filler injections during CoolSculpting treatment and removal of unwanted moles! Bottom line, you can multi-task and do pretty much whatever you want while receiving your CoolSculpting treatment.




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