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Three Reasons to Love Price Transparency

Have you ever heard of RealPatientRatings? It’s a website that allows you to find a doctor in your area and read real patient reviews, not glowing reviews by friends of the doctor or negative reviews by the doctor’s competitor. They also provide advice to patients in regards to what to look for in a doctor and in particular what to look for from your board-certified plastic surgeon.


consultation, plastic surgery costs, plastic surgery prices, price transparency, SEOIn a recent blog post that you can read here, they discuss 3 reasons plastic surgeons should embrace price transparency.





1. More Informed Patients Means Better Consults

All this refers to is that when a patient has a ballpark idea of how much cosmetic surgery is going to cost them, they’re better prepared to decide AHEAD OF TIME if they should go to a consult. There’s no good reason an ill-informed patient should go to a cosmetic consultation, pour out their heart and divulge their most-private insecurities only to find out they can’t afford the procedure. That’s a waste of their time and the doctor’s time.


2. Price Education = More Interested Patients

Simply put, RealPatientRatings performed a study and found that patients that were more informed of pricing ahead of time were 21% more likely to schedule surgery. So that makes for a happier doctor and the patient is happier because they feel the doctor is up front with pricing information and fully disclosing the finances of the transaction.


3. Patients are More Likely to Visit Your Website

Patients want to know about price, so give them what they want. In a review of Google keyword searches within the plastic surgery space, 9.9% of queries for about price or cost…that’s right, almost 10% of all Google searches within plastic surgery were about consumers trying to get cost information before they came in for a consultation.


If you’re trying to find a board-certified plastic surgeon and want to know the cost of a procedure before going in for the consultation, check out BuildMyBod here! It’s your only source for price transparency with real pricing from real doctors about the procedures that interest you most. Check it out!




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