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The Age Old Question – Silicone vs Saline?! (and some other comparisons)

I’ve read a lot of articles comparing the different types of breast implants and what I’ve noticed time and again, is that in the process of explaining the similarities/differences of saline vs silicone, the “explainer” introduces other variables such as round vs shaped, smooth vs textured. And invariably, the “explainee” (that’s you) becomes even more confused. Then I realized a table would make it much easier to see the differences. And then I further realized that no table with those comparisons was readily available on the internet.


So, voila! Here you go. While each comparison could easily be transformed into a book chapter, I’ve purposely left the descriptors short and sweet to help give you a basic understanding of the differences in implants. For a more thorough description, check out one of these links:



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