Risks of a Boob Job!

boob jobMany folks think cosmetic surgery or a boob job isn’t real surgery. With a focus on “lunchtime lifts” or other minimally invasive procedures, it’s easy to forget that cosmetic plastic surgery, including a boob job, has risks just like any other surgery. Since there are inherent risks to any operation, especially one where you’re placing implants into your body, don’t raise the stakes by getting surgery by someone that may not be a board certified plastic surgeon.


In the case of this beautician in England, she went to another country, referred to as medical tourism, for what seemed like a simple boob job. However, nothing is ever as simple as it seems. While more medical tourism websites and facilities are raising their accreditation and standards, there are still risks abroad as well as at home.


Even here in the US, you need to be sure your doctor is appropriately trained to perform the operation you want. In the case of a boob job, they need to be a board certified plastic surgeon. Not a board certified-whatever! Only a plastic surgeon is trained during their formal residency or fellowship to do a boob job so don’t accept any risks over and above the surgical risks that any operation already entails.


Have you gone abroad or had surgery by a non-plastic surgeon for your boob job? Share your experience. Also, if you’re considering a boob job, find a plastic surgeon and their prices near you by clicking here.


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