How young is too young for a labiaplasty?

labiaplastyLabiaplasty, the correction or removal of excess skin to improve the appearance of the labia is a very personal decision. You may think it’s ridiculous that women are worried about the labia minora. Making that decision for yourself is fine but that’s the point – it’s a very personal decision. Here are some reasons why women make that decision and whether age has anything to do with it.


Why women get labiaplasty

The excess skin of the labia minora exit from the area within the vagina. This is not the outer labia or “lips” but the thinner skin that can extend down from the vagina, often after pregnancy. But it doesn’t always occur only after stretching associated with pregnancy. It can also occur during puberty. There is nothing “wrong” with the labia minora and they do not require any alteration in general. However, in some situations, they can cause social discomfort for the woman.



For example, the tissue extending from within the vagina can hang down and be visible through a bikini bottom or any type of bathing suit. The tissue can make a woman feel unattractive during intimate situations. And if we’re not that person and we don’t know what they feel like in that scenario, we also can’t tell them how they should or should not feel.


Notice that the feeling of discomfort is not associated with age. So if someone is young, as in younger than 18 years of age, and they feel social anxiety in a bathing suit due to large labia minora, they may want a labiaplasty. It’s reasonable to argue that the patient should wait until they complete puberty and their secondary growth phase. If a patient gets a labiaplasty too soon, they could continue to grow and the excessive labia minora could recur prior to the completion of puberty. But again, this is a personal decision and will need to be decided on a case by case basis.


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5 thoughts on “How young is too young for a labiaplasty?

  1. Is 60 too “old” to get a labiaplasty, and will it also correct if the outer area of the genitals is not “firm” but sags a little? In this case it is not a lot but enough to make the person self-conscious about sex.
    Will the person lose sexual feeling?

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  3. Why would a woman get this surgery? Surely they realize men do not care or at least most men. We spend most of our adulthood wanting to be ‘associated’ with a vagina and I have never heard a man make negative remarks about them. In short – we like you as you are-

    • Thank you for your opinion, but women aren’t necessarily getting this surgery to please men. They’re getting it for themselves because the extra tissue in this area can make women feel self-conscious in underwear and bathing suits.

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