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Learn About Plastic Surgery Pricing on BlogTalk Radio!

Tune in tomorrow Friday, October 4th at 11:30am for The NipTuck Coach Show on Blog Talk Radio. By following this link here, you can listen to The NipTuck Coach, Michele Garber, discuss plastic surgery pricing and costs with Dr. Kaplan. So go to this page and click “remind” at the top of the page so you don’t miss this exciting discussion on Friday (tomorrow)! Also, you can ask questions during the radio show by going to


plastic surgery pricingMichele Garber, the NipTuck Coach™, is an independent leading expert in the plastic surgery and beauty industry, and is nationally recognized as the “go to” person when considering plastic or cosmetic surgery. Michele works closely with women and men nationwide who want to undergo a plastic surgery procedure and are seeking a qualified, ethical and skilled plastic surgeon. She has helped many patients find the right surgeon for them, and has been an advisor to plastic surgeons and skincare manufacturers since 1998. Michele has over 22,000 Twitter and Facebook followers, is a beauty expert, patient advocate, speaker, writer and guest blogger, as well as Editor of Beauty News Talk. Michele’s goal is to help individuals navigate the highly complex and confusing choices available when it comes to deciding who will perform their plastic surgery procedure. A consultation with Michele will help you select a proven medical expert who will perform a plastic surgery procedure that will give you not just a great result, but the best result.





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