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Plastic Surgery Costs Radio Show Recap

If you missed it, I was interviewed by Michele Garber, the NipTuck Coach on BlogTalk Radio yesterday. The audio can be heard¬†here. While I’m not very objective, I thought it was very informative, even if it was a little self-serving on my part! I did shamelessly promote by website but in my defense, the topic of the show was plastic surgery costs, and what better way to wade through the weeds and complexity of plastic surgery costs than the use of BuildMyBoplastic surgery as your guide.

Michele and I discussed why doctor’s fees vary from doctor to doctor. This is partly due to some surgeons including procedures within procedures so the price may be higher but you get more bang for your buck that way. Some surgeons don’t include the cost of the operating room since they have to use a surgery center down the street and others, like me, provide an all-inclusive estimate on procedures. As I described, the beauty of BuildMyBod is that it gives the patient a ballpark idea of plastic surgery costs before coming in for a consultation and discussing the parts of their body that make them the most self-conscious.


Aside from explaining how BuildMyBod gives you an itemized estimate on procedures from a board-certified plastic surgeon near you, the site also provides pre and postop photos and a Knowledge Center to answer all your questions in regards to plastic surgery.


Lastly, we discussed the daily deals abounding on the internet for various cosmetic treatments. I gave my opinion regarding daily deals which I think are fine if done safely. I recommend researching the doctor that’s offering the deal prior to purchasing Botox or filler on the internet. Be sure they’re a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon since those doctors actually learned how to do injectibles during their training, not in a weekend course. You can see if those doctors are board certified by looking here or here. If they brag about being a cosmetic surgeon – be careful. Being a cosmetic surgeon is like saying something is “organic” – it sounds good but there’s no legitimate certification behind it.


Hope you enjoyed or will enjoy the radio show. And feel free to listen again here!




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