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BuildMyHealth founder and CEO, Dr. Jonathan Kaplan publishes op-ed in Newsweek with US Senator Bill Cassidy, co-author of the No Suprises Act. Read the op-ed here.

THE BUILDMYHEALTH™ SUITE OF PRICE ESTIMATOR TOOLS – Now compliant with the no surprises act!

The best way to generate leads through your website and remain compliant with state and Federal price transparency laws





Embed the Price Estimator widget into your existing website and allow patients to check your pricing but only after they enter their contact info.


  • Lead Generation
  • Automatically provide insurance-specific or cash pay quotes
  • Free-up your front office staff
  • Weed out price shoppers
  • Passively build a huge email database for future email marketing
  • Deep/direct links for every procedure make it easy to share pricing with followers via social media direct messaging
  • Real-time eligibility verification submitted by the consumer, not back-office staff! 

Add new functionality with the Status QUOTE in-office quoting system!


  • Easily generate quotes for callers or patients after a consultation
  • Minimize inaccuracies by “pulling” pricing from your BuildMyHealth pricing database profile
  • Track cost per lead, consultation and booking
  • Maintain compliance with Good Faith Estimate and out-of-network quote and consent requirements of the No Surprises Act (NSA) 

As part of the Price Estimator widget, you can also turn your existing website into an eCommerce platform. Consumers can check pricing and also purchase non-surgical services without being redirected to another site.


  • Generate dollars, not just leads
  • Streamline the front office checkout process because patients pay online
  • Generate revenue even when the office is closed
  • Capture leads via abandoned cart emails when consumers add items to their online cart but don’t purchase 

Providers can use our real-time Pricing Assistant to see how your prices fit within the competitive landscape.


  • See how prices compare across the BuildMyHealth network nationally, regionally, state-wide and even locally
  • Price comparisons accessible to providers only, not consumers 

Effectively remarket to your growing database of leads with BuildMyHealth email marketing.


  • Passive lead generation via the BuildMyHealth Price Estimator will lead to a large email database
  • Utilize BuildMyHealth email marketing services to reach out to consumers monthly for additional “touch points” throughout the year
  • Email template creation and assistance with monthly email newsletters 

Automated price adjustments based on inflation and demand.


  • Ensure provider gets paid what they’re worth
  • Create a sense of urgency with patients who want to book before prices increase 


  • Automatically provide insurance-specific or cash pay quotes
  • Generate leads from the homepage of your website!
  • Quick and simple interface for the user
  • Real-time eligibility verification submitted by the consumer, not back-office staff! 

The Concierge Experience allows your practice to offer Memberships and Subscriptions to generate recurring revenue.


  • Build a cohort of loyal patients
  • Merchant services processed via the BuildMyHealth Price Estimator
  • Consumer’s credit card on file is charged automatically each month, avoiding manual processing 

BuildMyHealth can strategize and manage your search engine and social media advertising to increase traffic to your site


  • We offer end-to-end marketing with 1) social media and search advertising to 2) drive traffic to your site so you can 3) capture leads (emails) through the Price Estimator and PriceChecker Chatbot and 4) stay connected via subsequent email marketing campaigns 
  • Assistance with keyword strategy and implementation as well as ensuring cost per click is kept as low as possible

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