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No drain tummy tuck [video]

no drain tummy tuck
no drain tummy tuck
Progressive retention sutures to perform a no drain tummy tuck

During a tummy tuck, your plastic surgeon will raise the abdominal skin off of the abdominal wall. This is done to “get some slack” on the excess skin in the process of removing it. Separating the excess skin from the underlying abdominal wall creates a space that can fill with fluid after the operation. That’s why many doctors insert drains after the operation to remove the excess fluid. Using the “no drain tummy tuck” technique, fluid never accumulates in the first place, so no drain necessary!


Benefits of a no drain tummy tuck

As you’ll see in the video below, the undersurface of your remaining abdominal skin is tacked back down to the abdominal wall with stitches at the end of the operation. By closing this space, the typical fluid no longer accumulates under the skin. And that’s the biggest benefit – the patient no longer needs a drain afterwards. Drains can be painful or simply a nuisance to take care of. Typically, the doctor will remove the drains 7-14 days after the operation. With the no drain tummy tuck, you can bypass that whole experience associated with drain care and drain removal.


The other benefit of the no drain tummy tuck is less scarring. This takes a little explanation. As the undersurface of the skin is stitched back down to the abdominal wall, it advances the skin down the abdominal wall. As you move the abdominal skin down, it reduces the tension on the lower abdominal scar. With less tension on the incision, the scar is less likely to widen. Therefore, a better scar.


Watch a no drain tummy tuck here!


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3 Responses

  1. I had a drainless tummytuck 4 wks ago and have had to have drains put in since my surgery. I guess it really depends on how your body react to the trauma as to whether or not you need drains. Personally I wish I had had the drains out in with the initial surgery. This has been a very very painful recovery process. One which I may have avoided had the drains been put in earlier. But I love my results!!!!
    I recommend the drains!!

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