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Limitations on liposuction

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liposuctionIf you’re considering liposuction to remove excess fat, do your research to ensure you’re a good candidate. What makes a good candidate? A good candidate is related to why you want liposuction in the first place.


Why are you getting liposuction?

Sure you’d like to get rid of some fat. Liposuction is great for that! But are you doing it to lose weight or as an alternative to dieting? In that case, lipo can be tricky. Even though liposuction is considered cosmetic, it’s not innocuous. It’s real surgery.


Liposuction involves the removal of fat but it also removes fluids from the body. And if you remove too much fluid, that can result in an extreme form of dehydration called hypovolemic shock. That means you don’t have enough fluids along with blood in your blood vessels. If your blood vessels don’t have enough fluid, then it’s harder for the heart to pump blood through your body, bringing vital oxygen to your organs.


You can replace lost fluid with IV fluids. But there’s a point where it’s more difficult to control blood pressure if there are “fluid shifts” from the blood vessels to the tissues around the blood vessels. The point is, several liters of fat can be removed safely. But there’s a point where the risks are increased.


For this reason, you don’t want to get liposuction for the purpose of losing weight. That may require removal of 5-10 liters of fat to lose weight which can be dangerous. Lipo is best for contouring the body, removing love handles or saddle bags, or getting rid of bat wings! All awful descriptive names but for those who have these, they understand!


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