Is Jenny McCarthy embarrassed?

As discussed in this NY Times article, there are now 59 confirmed cases in California of the totally-avoidable-with-a-vaccine viral illness measles. And of those 59 cases, 42 were contracted at Disneyland. So I ask Jenny McCarthy in absentia, how can you sleep at night?


For years, after her son may be have been misdiagnosed with autism, she railed against vaccines, suggesting they were the cause of his autism. She based her theory on a study (and its author) that have now been debunked and exposed as being a fraud.


I’m not suggesting she started the anti-vaccination movement but her misplaced celebrity clearly gave the movement a stronger, louder and unfortunately a seemingly credible voice. But now she claims that she is no longer an anti-vaxer. Apparently, she has to split hairs to make this argument, considering her celebrity came along in an age of television appearances and multiple quotes across YouTube. In this first video she states that she is NOT anti-vaccination but that she is anti-“vaccine injury.” She’s adamant that her son got autism from his vaccines. Her comments are so contradictory including how the rise of vaccines coincided with the rise in autism…but she still claims she’s not anti-vaccination.


Jenny McCarthy claiming vaccines cause autism


Using her logic, she’s not saying that vaccines are bad but that vaccines can cause autism and other injuries. How is that different? Isn’t autism “bad” and if vaccines can cause autism, then she’s essentially saying that vaccines are bad? Never mind that the association between autism and vaccines has been found to be untrue.


As I’ve said before, not vaccinating your children leads to a loss of herd immunity, meaning that there are fewer vaccinated people to protect the unvaccinated. In turn, more people contract a disease that very few pediatricians and even fewer ER doctors will recognize and treat in a timely manner. If you don’t recognize the disease process, then you can’t make the diagnosis and if you can’t do that, then you can’t treat the disease appropriately. So thank you Jenny McCarthy for breathing life into a movement that has brought trouble to the happiest place on earth!


Oh, and PS, if the toxins associated with vaccines are so terrible, does that mean you’ve sworn off Botox?!


3 thoughts on “Is Jenny McCarthy embarrassed?

  1. Hi Dr. Kaplan! You did my breast augmentation a few years ago in BR and i was very dismayed to see that you had moved because I intended to come back to you for other procedures! On another note, I love that you posted this, Jenny McCarthy is an idiot and she needs to be stopped.

    • I’m glad we’re on the same page on that topic! Just read a story today where a concerned father was worried about sending his child to school because the child is recovering from leukemia and they’re afraid he’ll get measles from some of the other kids who aren’t vaccinated. Refusing vaccination affects everyone!
      Thanks for reading the blog and great to hear from you!

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