How to sit after a BBL [video]

BBLTo ensure the best results after surgery, your doctor will make certain recommendations. Even though they may seem silly, the recommendations are based on past experiences – good and bad. A Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL is no different. This procedure, wherein your doctor takes fat via liposuction from your abdomen, flanks and back, and injects it into your buttocks, requires special postop care. That includes not sitting directly on the buttocks.


While not everyone wants a bigger butt, keep in mind that many want a more shapely figure. That means the buttocks don’t have to be huge but some volume will help patients fit their clothes better. In other words, don’t judge!


How to sit after a BBL video


As showcased in the video above, you want to avoid direct pressure on the buttocks for about six weeks. That means laying on your side or on your stomach. However, what do you do for work? You probably can’t stand at work all day. As seen in the video, you can place a narrow or round pillow under your thighs. That way when you sit, you’re placing pressure on the thighs, not the buttocks. May seem awkward at first but it also has the benefit of encouraging good posture.


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