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Gummy Bear Implants

gummy bear implants
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You’ve heard them described as gummy bear implants before but why? How are gummy bear implants different than all other implants? Before we get started, gummy bear implants, regardless of manufacturer or size, are all made of silicone.


When it comes to silicone breast implants, it comes down to cohesiveness. This describes the thickness of the silicone inside the implant that leads to the silicone acting more like a gel than a liquid. And if you think of a gummy bear, it doesn’t “spill” when you cut it in half. Gummy bear implants are similar in that when they are cut in half, they also keep their shape and don’t spill.


This means that round and shaped implants are so cohesive that they’re more like a gel than a liquid. However, shaped implants, to keep their shape, are even more cohesive, and therefore act more like a gel and, in turn, more like gummy bears.



To learn more about the technology behind gummy bear implants, watch this video here.



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