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Grumpy Cat has Bitchy Resting Face!




Do you know this guy?! This is Tartar Sauce aka Grumpy Cat…an internet sensation since 2012.


grumpy cat
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Amazing what goes viral on social media these days but say what you want, Grumpy Cat has a following. And it’s all because he/she has bitchy resting face!


Grumpy Cat, what’s bitchy resting face?!

Not familiar with bitchy resting face (BRF)? You can watch the public service announcement below.



While Grumpy Cat wants to keep his/her bitchy resting face for the continued notoriety and endorsements, most people that suffer from BRF don’t want to be known for it. So for the rest of us, there’s something that can be done. The most common facial feature that contributes to BRF is a downturned smile. The corners of the mouth are pulled down excessively by muscles called the depressor anguli oris (DAO). By injecting Botox/Xeomin along the jawline where the depressor muscles start, this relaxes the muscles and when unopposed, the corners of the mouth rise upward to form a smile.


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