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Looking for Cosmetic Surgery Prices?

Why is it so hard to get cosmetic surgery prices before going in for a consultation with your board certified plastic surgeon? You worry it’s gonna cost a lot of money so you’d like to know what you’re in for before wasting your time on a consultation. If you were thinking about buying a house or a car, examples of things that will also cost a lot of money, you wouldn’t make an appointment to view the house or car without knowing how much it cost beforehand. And cosmetic surgery should be no different.

cosmetic surgery prices


That’s where BuildMyBod comes in. BuildMyBod is the first website and iPhone/iPad app that connects prospective cosmetic surgery patients with board certified plastic surgeons in their area and allows the consumer to select procedures from a list of offerings and with a click of a button, find out all of the estimated costs of surgery or injections, including doctors fees, OR/anesthesia fees, implants, etc for that particular doctor.


And this can all be done from the privacy of your computer or mobile device. No more going into the plastic surgeons office, discussing your concerns for 30 to 45 minutes, only to be waylaid by the sticker shock at the end of the consultation. Now you can determine whether plastic surgery or injections like Botox and Juvederm are within your budget before wasting your time and the doctor’s time.


So if you’re curious about surgical or non-surgical cosmetic surgery prices from a real plastic surgeon, check before scheduling your consultation…you may even find a special promotion that will make your nip and tuck even more affordable!


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