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Breast Augmentation: More Photos!

breast augmentation
240cc shaped silicone implants

We’ve been busy with breast augmentation here in San Francisco. Busy, busy busy! Check out some of our latest before and after photos. All implants are silicone, under the muscle and placed through an incision within the crease underneath the breast. The patient in the top photo has shaped implants but all of the photos below are round implants.


breast augmentation
385cc round silicone implants

While all of these implants look to be an appropriate size for each patient, you’ll notice the implant sizes vary. It’s important to keep this in mind when you’re considering breast augmentation because while a 350cc implant will look totally appropriate in someone that is 5’7″ it will be too big for someone that’s 5’0″.


breast augmentation
350cc round silicone implants.

Consider that some patients are very short, maybe less than five feet tall and other are almost six feet tall. Also, don’t get hung up on the idea of what cup size you’ll be after surgery.  Different bra manufacturers fit more snugly than others.


breast augmentation
300cc round silicone implants





If you want to learn more about breast augmentation, start by looking at this surgical video:







Breast Augmentation Surgical Video

For pricing on breast augmentation from a plastic surgeon near you, click here.




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  1. I want to know how much will be for breast aumentation with grease from tommy… on a lady 52 years old….? 5’3″ and 205 pounds… hispanic. can you give a price ? or will be cheaper do a tommy lipo and breas aumentation with implants…. my phone number 650 921 7986 thanks….

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