Back pain and Neurosurgery [podcast]

back pain

Dr. Dani Bidros, a neurosurgeon in Lafayette, LA is a our guest on the BuildMyBod Health podcast today.

Does everyone with back pain need surgery? Dr. Dani Bidros, a neurosurgeon from Lafayette, LA explains why surgery can be a great solution for the right type of back pain.


In this episode of the BuildMyBod Health podcast, hosted by Pacific Heights Plastic Surgery’s very own Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, you’ll hear about Dr. Bidros’ neurosurgery training and how it was sidetracked by Hurricane Katrina. From carrying patients on doors to talking to Sanjay Gupta of CNN, he’s seen it all.


Aside from back pain, Dr. Bidros discusses some amazing patients and their miraculous recovery. So stop reading and start listening to the podcast below!









Back pain and the neurosurgeon on the BuildMyBod Health Podcast


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