9 weird things plastic surgeons do – by a plastic surgeon!

plastic surgeon

After several years in the profession, I’m amazed at how plastic surgeons do some funny, even weird things. Not hating on anyone because maybe I’m guilty of a few. These are some general examples that refer to cosmetic plastic surgeons in particular. Not calling anyone out…but you know who you are!


9 weird things plastic surgeons do

1. Saying their skills are a combination of art and science on their website

Have you noticed how many surgeons say the same thing on their website?! Even if you are an artist, and not all of us are, differentiate yourself by not saying the same thing as everyone else.
plastic surgeon


2. Putting the before photo on the right instead of the left and using arrows to show what they did because it’s not obvious enough

I’m not exactly sure who decided the ‘before’ goes on the left and the ‘after’ photo goes on the right but most everyone has agreed on this convention. Please follow it!

plastic surgeon


3. Showing off their fancy sports car so patients know how much their plastic surgeon is overcharging them

plastic surgeon


4. Showing before and after photos from different angles or using tricky photography to make your results look even better

Read this article I wrote in collaboration with Dr. Christian Subbio (his artwork used with permission).

before and after photos
Amazing artwork courtesy of Christian Subbio, used with his permission. Follow him @dr.subbio on Snap & IG.


5. Being too uptight and playing into the stereotype that consumers unfortunately have of plastic surgeons

Which doctor would you prefer: Dr. Uptight or Dr. Approachable?! Most plastic surgeons are approachable but they’ve gotten a reputation for being standoffish and difficult to communicate with. It doesn’t have to be that way.

plastic surgeon


6. Taking a photo while subtly standing in front of their “Best” award(s)

These doctors think they’re being subtle…but not too subtle!

plastic surgeon


7. Overdoing the Botox and filler on their spouse

plastic surgeon


8. Posing at the gym in front of the mirror and then posting on social media for all of their patients to see

plastic surgeon


9. Hiding their prices so you have to come in for a consult, share your deepest insecurities, only to find out you can’t afford it!

plastic surgeons
Pricing available at BuildMyBod Health


BTW, this was not a hard list to come up with. We just scrolled through plastic surgeons’ feeds on IG, and come to find out, we’re guilty of some of these! What other weird things did we miss? Comment below.



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