What’s the Cleveland Clinic up to? A lot!

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I just attended the Fall meeting of the Cleveland Clinic Alumni Board of Directors. The biannual meetings of the Board of Directors provides an opportunity for the Clinic to show alumni from around the country, what various departments are up to. The alumni in turn, disseminate that information to their respective communities. As you’ll see in the three snippets below, there’s plenty of activity.


Synopsis of current activities at “the Clinic”

1. Minority Men’s Health Center
Dr. Charles Modlin, Founder and Director of the Center explained the significant health disparities between caucasians and other minority populations. Aside from determining the cause of those disparities, the Center holds annual health fairs for outreach to reduce those disparities.


2. Tomislav Mihaljevic, MD, President and CEO, Cleveland Clinic.
The newly minted President and CEO discussed the growing reach of Cleveland Clinic in Abu Dhabi, Florida and London. Coincidentally, the first patient to be seen in the new London expansion will be on February 24th, 2021 – 100 years after, to the day, that the first patient was seen at the original Cleveland Clinic on February 21st, 1921!


3. Cleveland Clinic Florida
The CEO of Cleveland Clinic Florida, Wael Barsoum, MD, discussed the expansion of the Cleveland Clinic Weston campus plus the alignment with two additional health systems in Southeast Florida.


Last but not least, the Cleveland Clinic College of Medicine continues to provides medical school tuition free of charge and has been doing so for years.



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