Interview with a Breast Augmentation Patient [podcast]

breast augmentation

After seeing a patient for one procedure or another and after going through all of the details, they often ask to speak to a patient that went through the same journey. Breast augmentation is no different. Finding a former breast augmentation patient to speak to a new patient is not difficult. But you do worry […]

Breast Augmentation Recovery

The days of a six-week breast augmentation recovery are long gone. In fact, the only operation that takes a full six weeks of recovery may be open heart surgery! Seriously though, even hip or knee replacements have shifted the recovery process to getting the patient up and moving within days and discharged to a rehab […]

Want surgery? Ask a friend.

I just performed surgery on a patient. My patient had a friend who recently had the same procedure. It’s been a great recovery for both the patient and for me!   During the consultation and preop visit, I always go over the surgery we’ll be performing, the risks and benefits, the process on the day […]

Dogma is a bad word in medicine

In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, the medical establishment is rethinking the whole perioperative period – that time before surgery when you’re starving because you can’t eat or the time after surgery when you’re nauseated, in pain and overloaded with fluid. Medicine is changing, and in this case, for the better.   […]

The Myth of Recovery

After discussing a cosmetic procedure during a consultation, the final two questions in every consult is 1) how much does it cost? and 2) how long is the recovery? The answer to price is simpler than it used to be as can be seen here. In regards to recovery, the patient tends to follow up […]

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