Pitfalls of breast aug wish pics!

It’s a totally reasonable thing to do. Patients, when going in to see their plastic surgeon, bring “wish pics.” That is, a photo of someone (doesn’t have to be famous), that’s had the operation and the results they’re looking for. But reasonable intent can translate into unreasonable expectations.   What’s wrong with wish pics? Patients […]

Don’t believe the size tag on your bra!

If I had a nickel for every time a patient asked me what bra size they would be after their breast augmentation surgery, I’d probably have about $250 (you can do the math)! The problem has always been and will continue to be that bra sizes are different between manufacturers so I can’t tell them […]

The Booty Song

It seems as though we can’t get away from talking about Brazilian Butt Lifts! Everywhere we turn, there’s talk of J. Lo or Kim Kardashian’s buttocks and if that wasn’t overwhelming enough, now we have The Booty Song. In case you’re not up to speed on the latest pop culture, there’s a Booty Song by […]

Reasonable Expectations: Kaley Cuoco

The NY Daily News gave a sneak peek of the May Cosmo interview with Kaley Cuoco, the star of CBS’s Big Bang Theory (hilarious show if you haven’t seen it yet – go schedule it on your DVR now – I’ll wait for you….seriously, go schedule it now)! Among several other revelations that honestly weren’t […]

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