The Booty Song

It seems as though we can’t get away from talking about Brazilian Butt Lifts! Everywhere we turn, there’s talk of J. Lo or Kim Kardashian’s buttocks and if that wasn’t overwhelming enough, now we have The Booty Song. In case you’re not up to speed on the latest pop culture, there’s a Booty Song by J. Lo and Iggy Azalea. It doesn’t matter if you think you’re “above” all of this. It’s unavoidable. Check out the video below.



American’s have a strange enchantment with the booty, so much so that a booty song has millions of hits on YouTube. And if you clicked on the video above, you are one of those “hits!” Believe it or not, the content of the song suggests that if you have a big butt or are a little overweight, you should have a positive self image. Yes, that’s right, J. Lo and Iggy Azalea are your child’s new self-esteem life coach!


This fascination and promotion of a fully curved woman will drive more consumers to seek out a buttock that may not be attainable. These women above haven’t had cosmetic surgery on their buttocks. The women in the Booty Song are naturally gifted in this area. However, many will go see a plastic surgeon to determine if they can get a Booty Song booty but it’s important for women to have realistic expectations when it comes to altering their appearance to look like a celebrity.



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