CoolSculpting: The All-American Treatment


CoolSculpting is the FDA-approved nonsurgical treatment for fat reduction. After coming on the market in 2009, with over a million treatments later, it works. No doubt about it. This is the quintessential treatment for the American mentality! Why?   CoolSculpting is perfect for stubborn pockets of fat and doesn’t require any behavioral changes in the […]

Botox really works! Before and After Photos

Wondering what all the fuss is about with BOTOX® Cosmetic?! Well if you use BOTOX® Cosmetic or one of its competitors like XEOMIN®, you’ll see how injections, without surgery, can make you look years younger. As you can see in the photo below, this patient had Botox to the forehead and her forehead wrinkles were […]

Throwing the Perfect CoolSculpting Party!

Want to attract serious, sophisticated patients interested in CoolSculpting?! Host a CoolSculpting and caviar party! We recently did this at my practice and we had a very successful shindig!   Our arriving guests were offered caviar bites with creme fraiche on blinis by the The Caviar Co., an exclusive caviar purveyor, providing unsurpassed caviar collections […]

What Botox will and will not do!

After talking to one of my nurses the other day, she pointed out how many of her friends have an inaccurate view of what Botox does. Often times, they seem to think that any “botched” or bad plastic surgery is due in part to Botox! Let’s set the record straight.   BOTOX® Cosmetic, or its […]

Does CoolSculpting hurt?


These days everyone wants all the results with none of the surgery, but even that isn’t always enough. They also want their non-surgical treatment to be pain-free! While the technology out there nowadays can help you avoid surgery, freedom from pain isn’t always possible. However, if there’s a treatment out there that delivers on non-surgical […]

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