Do you really want cheap anesthesia?! [video]

surgeon saying

Sure out-of-pocket healthcare costs are expensive. So it’s natural to try and save some money here and there. But do you really want to skimp and get cheap anesthesia? Avoiding deep sedation or general anesthesia is appropriate at times but make the decision for the right reasons.   What procedures are best for local anesthesia? […]

Are you a terror when waking up from anesthesia?!

Have you ever had anesthesia or been with anyone waking up from anesthesia? It can be pretty humorous depending on the mood of the patient waking up. But is there a correlation between someone’s general personality and the demeanor in which they emerge from anesthesia? Is it possible you’re a terror when waking up and […]

Anesthesia for Cosmetic Surgery

anesthesia for cosmetic surgery

While anesthesia has improved over the last century and become less of a potential danger, patients are still worried about having “general” anesthesia. Luckily, there are many options when it comes to anesthesia for cosmetic surgery.   First off, depending on the type of cosmetic surgery, you may not even need general anesthesia. General anesthesia […]

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