For the healthy in healthcare, it comes down to price

This article in the NY Times starts off, “It is all about the price.” When it comes to healthcare, price is the ultimate pain point. I’m not saying it’s the only pain point but eventually, the consumer wants to know their out-of-pocket cost. Whether they’re paying out of pocket because it’s a cosmetic procedure or […]

BuildMyBod Featured at Becker’s Healthcare Conference

BuildMyBod is very proud to announce their inclusion in the 23rd annual meeting of Becker’s ASC Review in Chicago. As one of the largest industry meetings that help hospitals and ambulatory surgery center’s (ASC’s) achieve first-in-class best practices, this is recognition of the new-found importance of price transparency in healthcare.   Becker’s Healthcare and BuildMyBod […]

Attracting millennials to your practice!

As more healthcare services are paid out-of-pocket because the services are cosmetic or because a deductible hasn’t been reached, competition will grow fierce to attract cash-pay patients. Don’t think of this as solely being an issue for plastic surgeons or other doctors that only toil in cosmetic procedures and services. Even medically necessary services like […]

A bigger conference than HIMSS? I think not! [video]

Just got back from the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) meeting in Vegas. A bigger conference I have never seen nor attended! There were 45,000 attendees on hand. To give a frame of reference, most plastic surgery meetings I go to have 2000 attendees at the absolute most!   Healthcare IT, the people […]

Lead Generation: A Number’s Game

I always enjoy reviewing the numbers of generated leads from the BuildMyBod Health platform. For those of you not familiar, this is a lead generation platform that uses healthcare price transparency as the “hook.”     As demonstrated in the video above, a consumer can find a healthcare provider near them, use the BuildMyBod Price […]

Why price is the pain point in 2016

This new year, 2016, is the year when consumers will recognize that price is the pain point in healthcare, just as it is with any other purchase. For far too long, healthcare has been immune to the normal market trends of price transparency and online purchasing.   The cost of healthcare wasn’t as great a […]

Price Transparency Software

Are you frustrated with the lack of price transparency in healthcare yet?! As a consumer, you’re not the only one annoyed with the difficulty in getting pricing information before you get your medical bill. Doctors and other providers are feeling quite inadequate due to their inability to help patients determine cost after the doctor has […]

The convenience of online purchasing

  Technology is a great thing. Convenience abounds everywhere. Taxi hailing apps. Couriers bringing food and other needed household items via bicycle or scooter. Everything is available at the tap of a button. And it’s not even a real button – it’s a click on a virtual button! Well now your healthcare is accessible through […]

Affordable Care Act: Surprise but no surprise

I was incredulous. I couldn’t believe the tone of surprise in two articles published yesterday in the Wall Street Journal and the NY Times regarding the Affordable Care Act. I’ll get to the details in a second but the reason I was so shocked and unable to form a coherent sentence was the suggestion in both articles that […]

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