Code Black: A look into the future of healthcare

I think the official title of “Code Black,” a movie just released on June 20th 2014, is Code Black: A look into America’s busiest ER. Check out the trailer here. But I also think it’s a look into the future of healthcare for many Americans. The documentary, written and directed by an ER physician-in-training, Ryan […]

Price Transparency in the Emergency Room

In a recent NY Times article, the costs in the ER were discussed yet again. This is an ongoing problem that shows the most expensive care is typically in the emergency room. It’s not really a new revelation but by highlighting the actual charges patients are receiving in their bills, it’s just as alarming (Coincidentally, […]

Doctors Taking ER Call: A Dying Breed

In the future, if you go to an emergency room and you have a problem that requires a specialist – like a brain surgeon, orthopedic surgeon or plastic surgeon – you may have difficulty finding a specialist to see you during your ER visit, even if you have insurance. According to the Medical Group Management […]

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