The Current State of Social Media, According to Dr. Miami

In social media’s heyday, few doctors showed up consistently on the now popular platforms. But all of that has changed, and medical practices of every kind are now dialed into at least one form of social media, making it a primary marketing tactic. One of the first board-certified plastic surgeons to find success on social […]

How to ruin a good thing when it comes to social media in the OR

social media

  Social media in the OR (operating room) is a wonderful tool for our practice. I recently wrote about the 5 ways social media has transformed my practice here and here. But for every 5 reasons to utilize social media in one’s practice, someone will find one way to ruin it for everyone.   Social […]

Check out Dr. Bae on Snapchat & Instagram!

Joining the bandwagon, BuildMyBod Health Founder/CEO is now on Snapchat @realdrbae! First, what’s in a name? In the tradition of Dr. Miami, one of the most watched Snapchat & Instagram stars, there seems to be an association with plastic surgeons secretly wanting to be hip hop stars! The doctor reference has more to do with […]

Social Media in the Operating Room

When I was in residency, I thought the hardest thing to do was learn how to do a facelift. Once I got into practice, the hardest thing to do was learn how to run a business, since ultimately, a medical practice is a business that cares for patients. Now I realize, the hardest thing to […]

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