The Mini Necklift!

If you’re the right candidate, you can get a necklift without the big painful scars behind the ears! It all breaks down like this: depending on what’s “wrong” with your neck – excess skin, excess fat or a lax neck muscle (platysma) – will determine which procedure is best for you.   Which necklift is […]

New Botox for men website

Allergan, the makers of Botox – the injection that temporarily reduces wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes – just released a new Botox for Men website. Go ahead, take a look at the photo above. Study it.   Now put on your marketing “cap.” What demographic are they going after? More on that […]

Lifestyle Lift Shuts Down

As first reported by the Wall Street Journal, Lifestyle Lift is shutting down after 14 years in business. The chain of facelift centers had built up a lot of bad debt and bad PR that finally caught up with them.   For those of you that don’t know, Lifestyle Lift (the website is still up but […]

Wow…TV advertising still works!

My practice recently ran a “Medical Minute” on one of the local TV stations, KRON4, here in San Francisco. It’s an informative 60 seconds discussing our ability to perform non-surgical, permanent fat reduction with CoolSculpting in half the time of most practices and also highlighted our in-office operating room and aesthetician. At the end of […]

82% of Cosmetic Surgery Patients Experience Sticker Shock

BuildMyBod is a startup company based in San Francisco that allows doctors to provide out-of-pocket pricing information to patients online. In exchange for submitting a ‘wishlist’ that includes procedures of interest, the patient gets a detailed accounting of the cost of services and procedures they’re considering and the doctor gets that prospective patient’s contact info […]

What Cosmetic Surgery Were Patients Considering in July?!

The beauty of having a website that provides pricing information for cosmetic surgery, is that patients are very eager to submit a wishlist to get instant answers to their pricing questions. This in turn provides interesting insight as to what cosmetic surgery patients are considering this summer.   In a first in our series, “What […]

Three Reasons to Love Price Transparency

Have you ever heard of RealPatientRatings? It’s a website that allows you to find a doctor in your area and read real patient reviews, not glowing reviews by friends of the doctor or negative reviews by the doctor’s competitor. They also provide advice to patients in regards to what to look for in a doctor […]

Price Transparency: Hiding Behind the Uniform Trade Secrets Act

For those of you that read this blog, you know by now that BuildMyBod, the host of this blog, represents price transparency in the world of cosmetic surgery. Want to know how much cosmetic surgery will cost before going in for a lengthy consultation with your plastic surgeon? You come to BuildMyBod to find your […]

An Idea, a Little Money and the Brothers Mills

A couple of years ago while I was getting a haircut, I had this epiphany. I remember I was watching TV at the barber shop and SportsCenter was on. I even remember that my epiphany had no connection and was not brought on by anything I was watching on SportsCenter.   As a plastic surgeon, […]

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