Before and After Photos [podcast]

before and after photos

Photography isn’t just for selfies! A very interesting field within photography is medical photography and of personal interest to me is the before and after photos of cosmetic surgery patients. It’s not a matter of just pointing and shooting.   Before and after photos, to get them right, takes real skill. In this episode of […]

Face transplant & breast reconstruction at Cleveland Clinic [podcast]

breast reconstruction

In this BuildMyBod Health podcast, we’re lucky enough to speak with a plastic surgeon extraordinaire! Steven Bernard is a plastic surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic specializing in microsurgery. Through the use of precision instruments and an operating-room microscope, he is part of the team that performs breast reconstruction daily and also performed the world’s first, […]

Back pain and Neurosurgery [podcast]

back pain

Does everyone with back pain need surgery? Dr. Dani Bidros, a neurosurgeon from Lafayette, LA explains why surgery can be a great solution for the right type of back pain.   In this episode of the BuildMyBod Health podcast, hosted by Pacific Heights Plastic Surgery’s very own Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, you’ll hear about Dr. Bidros’ […]

Second Face Transplant at Cleveland Clinic

  In late September, the Cleveland Clinic, my “alma mater” performed their second face transplant. While it was almost 2 months ago, they’re just now starting to discuss the case. I saw a few of the staff plastic surgeons that trained me at the Cleveland Clinic during a plastic surgery meeting in mid-October and they […]

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