Arm lift: Scars and all!

arm lift

An astute follower on our Instagram account (@realdrbae – our account, not the follower!) recently asked to see the “scar” version of the before and after photos of the arm lift patient posted online (shown to the left). On Instagram, you really only have one chance or one photo to demonstrate your work. For that […]

Liquid Nose Job Before and After Photos

liquid rhinoplasty cost

I continue to be impressed with how a nonsurgical liquid nose job can transform the nose, and therefore the face, in unexpected ways. Up til now, if you wanted to change something about your nose, surgery was required. Shave down a bump, even out a divot, get more tip projection. But with the injection of […]

Nonsurgical Makeover with Radiesse and Belotero

Radiesse and Belotero

When a patient is considering a makeover of the non-surgical kind, they’re probably thinking of individual treatments. Like just Botox/Xeomin or just fillers. Well, I think consumers and their doctors need to start thinking in terms of combining treatments…in particular Radiesse and Belotero.   Fillers are great to fight back age and provide a more […]

Patients Love to See The Skin and Fat I Remove! Before & After Photos

I started doing something a few years ago in preparation for my plastic surgery boards that triggered an epiphany about what humans find interesting. Here’s some background. For any plastic surgeon to become board certified, they must “collect” cases for approximately half a year after they pass their written board examination. This means that they […]

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