You made me more marketable! — Plastic Surgery Patient

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I recently had a patient who gave me one of the best compliments. It was her second time coming in for Botox to correct overactive wrinkles on the forehead and crow’s feet and filler to provide volume to her cheeks and “parentheses lines.”


As a little background, she recently went through a divorce and was dating again for the first time in a long time. She told me that her recent dates had complimented her on how good she looked for her age and that she was even better looking than her photos. While I can’t take credit for all of the compliments, she insisted that I indeed, made her “more marketable.”


What’s so great about this kind of feedback is that without it, I may not know how happy a plastic surgery patient is. In most industries, when you receive feedback on good customer service, it’s in the form of an online review. However, in plastic surgery, patients often enjoy their anonymity and don’t necessarily want to post a review that will reveal their connection to plastic surgery.


So without a doubt, learning that I made a plastic surgery patient more marketable in her new-found dating life was quite the highlight of my day!



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