Chubby cheeks: Buccal fat removal

chubby cheeksFeel like you never lost those baby cheeks? Chubby cheeks are cute when you’re younger but maybe you were expecting them to give way to a thinner, more streamlined appearance as you grew up. There’s a treatment for chubby cheeks with minimal to no downtime.


The Cause of Chubby Cheeks

The fullness in the cheeks is from fat under the facial muscles, called the buccal fat pad. By removing this fat pad, the chubby cheeks can be refined and slimmed down to the facial contour you always wanted. This can be a very simple procedure. Depending on whether your surgeon has their own operating room, this procedure can be done awake under local anesthesia or in an operating room under sedation.


By making an incision inside the mouth, the fat pad can be seen and removed, providing for a thinner cheek. While we don’t always realize it, a chubby face can make us look heavier even though you may have a slender body. With a slimmer cheek, you will have an overall thinner appearance. While this procedure may not be for everyone, it has almost no downtime and no days off work depending on what line of work you’re in.


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