Breast symmetry: Sisters not twins!

Many patients interested in cosmetic breast surgery – whether it’s for enlargement, lift or both – often want their breasts to be perfectly even, or symmetrical after surgery. While I certainly understand that a large difference between breasts is unacceptable, it’s important for patients to have reasonable expectations. As Grant Stevens has said (although I don’t know if he coined the phrase), breasts are like sisters, not twins.


This means that patients must recognize there will usually be a small amount of asymmetry, unevenness, between breasts before and after cosmetic surgery. The plastic surgeon must explain this to the patient ahead of time to avoid an awkward discussion after surgery.


Even though differences exist in most women, some examples of breast asymmetry are very significant and improvement, but not necessarily perfection, is a reasonable goal. Take a look at these patients below that do have minimal but very present asymmetry:


breast symmetry
This is a breast lift patient. The patient’s right breast (from the patient’s perspective) has more droop. The symmetry has improved, but isn’t exact, after surgery.



breast symmetry
This patient had a breast augmentation and lift through an areolar incision. The areola is lower on the patient’s right before and after surgery….but still great results overall.


Reasonable expectations are the cornerstone to any healthy patient-physician relationship.




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