Breast implant removal

breast implant removal
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Despite the best of intentions and expectations, patients are sometimes unhappy with the appearance of breast implants. They may even want their implants removed. However, they should consider the consequences before having a breast implant removal procedure.


If the patient doesn’t have a great deal of breast tissue before breast augmentation, they may be left with very saggy breasts and excess skin. If they had a fair amount of breast tissue initially, they may be able to better conceal the deflation of the breasts. Regardless, the breasts will droop and they may be unhappy with that appearance.


If a patient insists on having a breast implant removal procedure, they need to consider a breast lift at the same time. By having a breast lift, excess skin will be removed to lift the breast. This can better hide the deflated appearance after breast implant removal. However, this will require additional incisions around the areola and possibly a vertical and horizontal scar on the lower portion of the breast.


Unfortunately, having breast implants removed can lead to more difficult choices and outcomes. No one wants deflated breasts or additional scars. But this is the dilemma patients and their doctors must confront if they insist on breast implant removal.


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