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If you follow social media, the Kardashians or anything associated with the E! Entertainment network, you’ve probably heard of the new show “Botched.” The show follows 2 surgeons (a board certified plastic surgeon and a facial cosmetic ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat doctor) that treat patients who feel they were botched from their first cosmetic procedure from another doctor.


Photos online of plastic surgery gone bad is nothing new. But after a while, you become slightly desensitized to the sensationalism of the photos. And I guess that’s why there’s never been a show just about botched plastic surgery because it might lose the audience’s attention after the first couple of shows. However, with E!’s “Botched,” they’ve found a formula that I think will work well.



Instead of just focusing on bad plastic surgery, they follow these patients (and their surgeons) through their attempts to correct what has gone wrong. They highlight the psychological aspects of plastic surgery and in particular, body dysmorphic disorder and drug dependency. This allows the producers of the show to dive deeper into the patient’s lives and give all of us a glimpse into the sadder, but potentially uplifting and life-changing side of plastic surgery. Sundays at 10/9 Central. Check it out!



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