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New Botox for men website


Allergan, the makers of Botox – the injection that temporarily reduces wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes – just released a new Botox for Men website. Go ahead, take a look at the photo above. Study it.


Now put on your marketing “cap.” What demographic are they going after? More on that in a second. The overall purpose of this new website and marketing campaign is to show that Botox isn’t just for women. Excellent premise because it isn’t just for women. I see plenty of men in my office getting Botox, or in the vernacular, Brotox.


But none of my patients look like these jokers above! It’s interesting that Allergan wants to point out that Botox isn’t just for women, i.e. they’re trying to be more inclusive to both sexes. However, they’ve excluded non-gay or non-metrosexual men! I’m sure Allergan spent a lot of money on market research and found that among male users of Botox, it’s mostly men that are concerned about their appearance. But that doesn’t necessarily mean gay or metrosexual – not that there’s anything wrong with that!


I treated three men with Botox this week alone and they weren’t white, weren’t particularly well dressed, just casual, and didn’t resemble the guys in the photo above! With the well-coifed hairstyles of the patients in the campaign, I would sooner think this was an ad for Paul Mitchell or Regis Hair Salons. The Zohan would be proud.



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