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Megan Fox…Cosmetic Medicine or Cosmetic Surgery?

Megan Fox, star of stage and screen…well, at least the screen, has rumors swirling around her regarding her cosmetic surgery. Luckily, as more non-surgical treatments (cosmetic medicine) become available such as teeth whitening, BOTOX® Cosmetic, porcelain veneers, Latisse®, fillers such as Belotero®, Juvederm® or Sculptra®, everyone, including stars can have “improvements” without surgery. Cosmetic medicine is wonderful because it can tweak your appearance without downtime and provide a fairly natural look.


So back to Megan Fox. In the video below, someone has done an excellent job of making a montage of her images through the years. It’s quite striking how much she appears to have changed over the years. But at the same time, the changes aren’t as drastic as you might expect. In fact, the only surgery I’m sure she had is breast augmentation. As far as her face, I’m guessing she’s using eyelash extensions or maybe she’s very compliant with her Latisse® which is the only FDA approved medication to make eyelashes grow longer, thicker and darker.  Clearly she has had lip injections and maybe even fillers to give her more pronounced cheek bones. Aside from that, a new hairdo and possibly porcelain veneers to her teeth may be the extent of her “work”. She’s a classic example of the strength of cosmetic medicine in subtly improving one’s appearance.



The major problem with cosmetic medicine however is that since it’s non-surgical, many non-plastic surgeons and non-dermatologists have the ability to learn these treatments at weekend courses. But just because they learn how to do them in a weekend, doesn’t mean they learn when not to do them or when cosmetic medicine is not enough. For this reason, you should find a plastic surgeon to provide these treatments.  To check pricing on any of these non-surgical procedures from board certified plastic surgeons, look here!


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