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Combination Plastic Surgery Procedures

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Combination of a breast augmentation and lift along with a tummy tuck.

Concerned about your neck and your abdomen? What about your breasts and your arms? With safer anesthesia and quicker operating room times, you can have combination plastic surgery procedures now!


While there’s nothing wrong with splitting up individual plastic surgery procedures, it does cost more and can result in two recovery processes instead of one. The reason it tends to be more expensive is two-fold. First, when you go to the operating room, the time at the beginning of the procedure is dedicated to you going to sleep and getting prepped for surgery. That time costs money. Most cosmetic plastic surgery procedures are charged based on time. So if you have combined procedures, there’s only one prep time you’re paying for at the beginning. Whereas if you separate the procedures, you’re paying for that prep time twice.


The other reason combining procedures can cost less is that many plastic surgeons discount the secondary/additional procedure that’s done at the same time. So if you separate the procedures, you don’t receive the benefit of a discount on the second procedure. Talk to your plastic surgeon to see if you’re a candidate for combined plastic surgery procedures.


To check pricing on one or multiple procedures, click here to find a plastic surgeon near you, along with their pricing.




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