Celebrity Plastic Surgery – Is it Just Bad Photos?

Bruce Jenner was on Jimmy Fallon’s show the other night and he drove home a point that is often missed by the bystanders of pop culture. And that point is, any celebrity, whether they’ve had plastic surgery or not, can be made to look like they’ve had bad celebrity plastic surgery by finding and posting their worst photo available on the internet. As for Bruce Jenner, his face looks fine in this video below when he’s got makeup on, so why don’t they post this photo of him? Because it wouldn’t prove the paparazzi’s point!



No one cares to see their most loved or hated celebrity looking even better after plastic surgery. We want to know they’re human and consumers almost crave a mediocre or bad celebrity plastic surgery result so we can feel a little better about ourselves. Here are a few celebrities that may or may not have had celebrity plastic surgery but regardless, their “good” and “bad” results are posted on the internet with the buzz that they had bad plastic surgery. The ironic thing is they may not have had surgery at all – they just had a bad hair day!


celebrity plastic surgery

Both of these photos are after Daryl Hannah supposedly had plastic surgery. One looks great and one looks bad but the only photo that goes viral is the bad one so as to suggest bad plastic surgery.


celebrity plastic surgery

Both are of Joan Van Ark after plastic surgery. The one on the left looks like she just had a chemical peel and since it’s the worst photo of her, it’s the one everyone sees. The photo on the right is also after plastic surgery but she looks great.


celebrity plastic surgery

This is one of the Real Housewives. I’m not even sure she’s had surgery (maybe Botox, etc) but the photo on the left just looks like a bad hair day and no makeup!


That being said, I couldn’t find a good and bad photo of Mickey Rourke after plastic surgery…unfortunately they’re all unfortunate!


9 thoughts on “Celebrity Plastic Surgery – Is it Just Bad Photos?

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  2. These celebrities are just the living proof that plastic surgery it getting more and more popular! We are all equal, all humans wants to have the beauty we are dreaming of and we have our freedom. The problem with these celebrities is that they are always in the eyes of the crowd they must expect criticism which is very natural to all people. But for me it doesn’t matter even if your a celebrity or not and you undergo plastic surgery, who cares it’s my life, its your life as long as you can carry yourself and you can afford it! 😀

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