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Botox for Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)

If you have problems with excessive sweating in the armpit area, even when it’s not hot and you’re not partaking in heavy activity, there’s a remedy for that. One of the lesser known benefits of Botox injections is Botox for hyperhyidrosis (excessive sweating)!


Botox for hyperhidrosis

In much the same way that Botox blocks the nerve endings from stimulating muscle movement in the face, Botox can also block the nerve endings that stimulate sweat producing glands. By injecting Botox directly into the skin of the armpit – not as painful as you might expect per the comments from my patients – you can expect to stop sweating for 3 to 6 months. I’ve found that the effects last closer to 6 months, whereas Botox in the face lasts closer to 3 months.


While Botox is perfect for excessive sweating in the armpits, it is not the treatment of choice for excessive sweating of the palms. If sweaty palms is affecting your life, a procedure called a sympathectomy that can be performed by your surgeon, may be right for you.


And lastly, the question everyone is wondering – is this covered by insurance? I’ve treated a patient with Botox for hyperhidrosis in the past and sent the bill to the insurance company in the hopes that it would be covered by the patient’s insurance plan. Unfortunately, it wasn’t covered. So typically this treatment, that clearly should be covered by insurance, is not and therefore requires the patient to pay out of pocket.


If you’re looking for a plastic surgeon in your area that provides Botox injections, click here. Hope that helps!



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  1. Botox for Hyperhidrosis: Hyperhidrosis, or over the top sweating, is a typical issue which prepares a considerable measure of misery. An expected 2-3% of westerners showed up for experience the ill effects of intemperate sweating of the underarms and soles of the feet (palmoplantar hyperhidrosis).sweating is humiliating, it stains apparel, vestiges sentiment, and muddles business and social connections. Serious cases can have genuine commonsense results too, making it hard for individuals who experience the ill effects of it to hold a pen, grasp an auto directing wheel, or shake hands.

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