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Belly button piercing…be gone!

belly button piercingIt seemed like a good idea at the time! Or maybe you were drunk? You and your bestie thought you’d be best friends forever and would forever sport your belly button piercing together? What, she’s not your best friend anymore? We all do things that we may regret one day but luckily belly button piercing doesn’t have to be permanent.


If your belly button piercing has run its course and you want it out, it’s possible to have it removed with minimal to no visible scar. With a simple procedure under local anesthesia or during a separate surgical procedure (tummy tuck, breast augmentation), the jewelry hanging from your belly button can be removed and the hole closed with it. Just as with any piercing, skin has grown thought the length of the hole so it won’t close on its own. So you have to remove the “tube of skin” that keeps the hole open.


This is a very simple procedure. After removing the hole, the skin can be closed with stitches and will heal very easily. So you don’t have to live with it forever and you don’t have to worry about your grand kids asking why you have a wrinkly belly button!


Hope that helps and if you’d like to know the cost of having your belly button piercing removed or any other procedure, click here.




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